Monday, October 22, 2012

Just For You Honey..

Assalamualaikum and Salam 1 Malaysia.

Having finished reading the novel Room 616. I continue to read books no longer novel, titled "Hello Mr. Perfect" ..

Hello Mr Perfect center around Muhammad Arif Fikri and Ainul Mardhiah love each other and plan to marry. But due to the regulation set by the descendants of the family that emphasizes aspects of step threshold even if they are men forced Arif find a solution. As long as the eldest son is not married, then he can not be married. More damning yet when the family Ainul just give him six months to make a decision.

Arif brothers, Muhammad Izzul Islam overpowering pursuit of perfection to the spouse. His face was handsome, tall and attract many. But he is unduly fussy and requires perfect couples also like. Too many girls are in close proximity to it, but no one could survive with his attitude even a day or two.

NO CHOICE, Arif tried to get a wife for Izzul. Remuneration awarded RM500, 000 as security if the girl is married his brother. Alya Adriana, who was desperate for a family debt with AHLONG forced to offer themselves.

Alya Can manipulate Izzul thought the excessive pursuit of perfection? Can he endure the attitude if he is the candidate Izzul last?

The novel tells the story of love, joy and sorrow. Yep, I'm not the perfect guy for you.

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