Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Can You Run Away From Mistakes Today?

Assalamualaikum and Salam 1 Malaysia.

A strange incident took place at a resort in the State of Hang Tuah, Malacca. With suddenly some visitors who come to stay at the resort suddenly mysteriously disappeared.

Mysterious loss was inhaled by a journalist named Mr. Azhar. He was interested to know more details about the disappearance of several of the resort. For him, the mysterious disappearance similar loss ever written in the magazine.

But Mr. demand. Legalization is not entertained by the resort manager, Ms Irene. Mysterious events that happen again cause a variety of adverse speculation befall the resort. Ms. Irene began felt if the incident is not checked, it will cause the loss of income resort. Ms. Irene became deadlocked figure this out and finally he agreed with Mr. Azhar to unravel the mystery.

Novel Room 616 many horror element, the element of suspense, conflict and disagreement exists greetings story. If you want to read please buy close to popular shops near you. The book only RM19.90

Aku pon pinjam dekat kawan je. Hehehe....

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sukakartun said...

eh saya ada novel ni. tapi tak sempat nak baca. bli lama dah..hehe sampai lupa. nyanyok!!

Scya Lollita said...

wuuuu macam seram je (-.-)

cerita best said...

cerita pakjoe datang terjah di blog nie... 4 c joe bg dekat blog nie cute,cun,comel,cantik niceeeeeee entry, terjah sini sama k sebab pakjoe dh follow blog pakjoe ada mcm2 totu n tip blog pakjoe nk bg